How to?


Effective teams come in many forms, but share important characteristics.


  • They recognise and draw on the different strengths of individual members

  • They can adapt to new situations and act accordingly

  • Their collective ‘intelligence’ – intellectual, emotional, decision making  -is greater than the average for the group

  • They share a clear sense of direction and values

  • They communicate well and are self-aware.

But effective teams often need help to emerge. We draw on Landscape of the Mind™ and other practical and diagnostic tools, as well as creative techniques, to help teams review and regroup.​


How We Help

  • Team building – individual interviews, Landscape of the Mind™ profiling, and workshop sessions to strengthen trust and core values, understand strengths and weaknesses, clarify priorities, roles and responsibilities, change corporate culture.

  • Managing change – to re-boot the organisation or team, by creating a shared view of the future, clear steps for getting there and the communications needed to achieve them.

  • Problem solving – discussions and workshops to develop options on how to work smarter, overcome backlogs, and improve work processes for better outcomes