Scenario and Research Synthesis Projects


We have completed numerous detailed strategic research synthesis reports and scenario projects for clients in the private and government sectors.

Our strategic research synthesis reports save clients time and provide a wealth of evidence to highlight critical changes as well as major implications. They involve horizon scanning and trend analysis based on extensive desk research to distil findings from a variety of sources including well researched reports – from government foresight programmes, consultancies, research bodies – as well as blogs, opinion columns and newsletters.

Our scenario projects are based on a variety of inputs: desk research to set the scene and identify critical issues; interviews with critical stakeholders within and outside the organisation/ sector to explore current perceptions of change; staff consultations e.g. with online questionnaires; workshops to engage staff and stakeholders and develop a shared understanding and ownership of the options and strategies to emerge.


We have conducted projects in the following sectors.

Cities & Transport

  • Trends affecting logistics – overview of economic, technological social and environmental trends affecting the future of logistics, and new opportunities emerging – for the UK branch of a logistics multinational.

  • Two year scanning project for changes affecting sustainable cities – for a Singapore government department identifying issues and changes affecting sustainable future cities.

  • Life on the move – how technology and wider trends are changing the way consumers work, rest and play in cities and elsewhere.

  • Future communities 2025 – trend evaluation and scenario workshop on options for improving communities for older people in 2025 - for a national charity.


  • Staying ahead – scenarios based on extensive desk research, interviews and workshops to enable a university to develop priority research areas to maintain its lead as an innovative institution.

  • Preparing for the future - scenarios based on extensive desk research, interviews, internal consultation events and workshops to enable a university to develop the strategic flexibility to navigate uncertain times.

  • Learning and assessment in 2030 – how should a major provider respond to technology, economic, environmental and social changes.

Food & Drink

  • Trends affecting the future food industry in the USA – with particular implications for packaging – for a global packaging company.

  • Animal health – an integrated system to animal health management in 2025 - for an Australian government department.

  • Consumer and other trends affecting premium products in the UK drink sector over the next  5 – 10 years – for a UK beverage company.


  • Changing nature of public interest and the implications for regulation 2030 –  for a government department.

  • Future physician in 2035 – how might the role of the physician change and what support systems will need to be in place? – for a state health authority.

  • Public expectations of health care 2025 and the implications for service design and delivery – for a Canadian government department.

Socio-Economic Developments

  • 2030 – imagining the future -  areas of uncertainty or rising tensions, where the social science research community could make significant contribution to finding potential solutions or explore implications – for a national research council.

  • Socio economic scenarios for Ireland – scenarios based on extensive desk research, interviews and workshops to explore policy priorities for encouraging and ensuring a sustainable competitive enterprise sector in 2025 and in 2040? – for an Irish government agency.

  • Mini-Scenarios on the significance of migrant workers –the impact on the local economy, housing, and health and education services - for a rural district council.

  • Future communities 2025 – trend evaluation and scenario workshop on options for improving communities for older people in 2025 - for a national charity.


  • 12 month scanning project  on changes affecting policy  in the food, farming and environment policy arena with quarterly workshops - for a UK government department.

  • Sustainability – the new normal? - trends and opportunities among consumers arising from the move to sustainability as it applies to the ICT sector – 2025.

Technology Impacts

  • How will changes in technology and other trends affect how testing in animal health, food safety and agriculture needs to develop over the next 5-10 years – for a government department.

  • The 20 technologies driving change in the next 10-15 years – overview of technologies for a national technology organisation.

  • Marine industry roadmap – a series of workshops working with senior industry and government representatives to identify opportunities and market potential and technology developments needed to underpin that potential – for members of an industry organisation.

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