Sheila Moorcroft

Sheila Moorcroft is an expert futurist, facilitator and public speaker. She helps individuals, teams and organisations make sense of the complex web of change around them, see the potential of the future, and make it work for their business. She has a unique capability to synthesise and distill a complex array of trends and changes into coherent narratives that organisations can respond to.  She then helps them innovate, collaborate, solve problems and make decisions, in order to find a route to the future they want to achieve.

Change outside the organisation needs change on the inside too. An expert in horizon scanning, trend analysis and scenario development, Sheila not only highlights the complexity and challenge of change outside the organisation, but also the extent to which organisations need to develop radically new approaches, if they are to survive in today’s ever changing business environment. Her work – research, facilitation, organisational development – addresses that need. She collaborates closely with Inner Skills to enable organisations to develop the necessary skills to respond effectively to change.

Crossing the T to create new insights. Sheila combines her broad perspective on external changes with clients’ and stakeholders’ own detailed knowledge and expertise. She helps them collaborate to see things differently, create explicit and shared understanding of the challenges they face, and also develop new opportunities and solutions. Sheila’s numerous futures projects draw on extensive scanning and desk research, depth interviews with stakeholders from relevant sectors, surveys among staff and customers, and workshops with the ‘owners’ of the project and the implementation of its outcomes. She has completed numerous projects on the impacts of future technology and social changes, in sectors such as: health, food, packaging, telecommunications, cities and communities, sustainability and the environment.

Making a difference. Sheila applies her strategic research expertise to helping charities, and other organisations, demonstrate the progress, impacts and benefits of their projects, using a 360o approach. She integrates different strands of research to capture directly comparable data from different stakeholders and to demonstrate a measurable return on investment.

Reaching  conclusions. Workshops are at the heart of Sheila’s futures work, enabling groups to make implicit assumptions explicit and to create shared understanding. While at futurefocus in the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, she facilitated over 50 problem solving, strategic decision-making workshops with senior staff from across government on topics as diverse as the Emerging bioscience economy, Technology roadmap for the marine industry, Innovation in services, Improving risk management, Responding to power /communication blackout emergencies.

Speaking out. Sheila regular speaks at conferences and training sessions on topics as diverse as The impacts of technologies affecting testing in animal health and food safety; Changing public attitudes to health; Opportunities ahead for older people in South Korea; New business models needed; 2030 – End of the road for driving? During her 10 years as Research Director at Shaping Tomorrow Sheila wrote over 400 articles for the weekly newsletter on the implications of changes in the business environment.

Past times. Sheila qualified from UEA with BA Hons. in German, European studies and history. She honed her research and futures skills during 10 years at SRI International providing strategic research services to clients worldwide. During that time, she helped set up and run one of the first ever international horizon scanning programmes and develop a global technology monitoring programme. She then spent 4 years at Applied Futures, where she was responsible for revamping the values and lifestyles research programme and providing consulting services to European clients. Here she developed her passion for workshop facilitation, while running the Home of the Future project, identifying long term new product opportunities. Since 1990 she has been independent, providing strategic and futures research for clients worldwide, during which time she collaborated with Shaping Tomorrow as Research Director for 10 years.

Independent, but not alone. She collaborates with an international network of associates, all specialists in their own fields of research and organisational development, to help organisations respond effectively to change and so thrive in tomorrow’s world.