Where to?


Not everyone knows what they want to do, or even what their options are. And, if you don’t know where you are going, getting there is impossible.  Sheila Moorcroft has extensive experience in supporting individuals to identify the future they want for themselves and to identify the skills and resources that might help them to get there. 


How We Help


  • Options and preferences - a detailed personal profile to identify strengths, preferences, options and ways forward – half and whole day options available. These sessions include discussions using a range of tools and techniques – depending on career to date and issues to address, and can include a 2-stage full Landscape of the Mind™ profile.

  • Options workshops  - to help young people leaving school, long term unemployed, or people returning to the workplace after a career break, to reconnect with their skills, identify options and training needs, build confidence and improve life chances.

  • Presenting myself - Help with CVs and personal statements for job and university applications – these usually involve 2 one-hour one to one sessions.

  • Making a good impression - Interview and presentation practice to make the most of the opportunities that arise – these usually involve 2 one-hour one to one sessions.