Making it Happen – Workshop Facilitation


We are expert facilitators. Workshops are a core element of scenarios, but are also important in developing teams, problem solving, prioritising options, mapping actions and enabling effective decision making. We have facilitated 100s of workshops for research communities, government departments, companies and voluntary organisations.

Effective Teams & Personal Futures

  • Reorganising the regions  - As part of a major re-organisation, and a need to reduce staffing levels and do more with less within a government department, Sheila was brought in to help the senior management team over a period of 12 months, with sessions on: developing a vision, teambuilding and a staff away day,  identification of skills needed and evaluation criteria for the reorganisation, a timeline and procedures for communication and implementation.

  • Senior team building for a small eco-charity  - a small eco-charity with highly committed staff was experiencing difficulties. Sheila was brought in to identify issues, provide support and develop a 2-day programme of team building exercises to improve communications, team work and help develop a more sustainable culture. The work included interviews with individual team members to identify issues, then a 2-day away day with sessions on formal group problem solving exercises, creative activities to build trust and lower barriers, team profiling with Belbin, culture and future oriented discussions and exercises.

  • Personal futures for long term unemployed in Sweden - as a prelude to a yearlong EU funded training programme for 100 long term unemployed, Sheila designed and led a week long ‘personal futures’ and future of work programme to enable people to reconnect with and explore future options for their skills and interests.  The programme involved designing and selecting the processes, facilitating and reviewing sessions and outcomes of 4 parallel groups. 

Mapping Actions & Decisions

  • Research priorities – a sandpit to explore issues and develop outline projects addressing issues arising in marine renewable energy development for a research council.

  • Innovation in the NHS out to 2020 – what changes will enable and require innovation for the NHS to remain effective, and how can a major technology provider engage with the system?

  • Crisis management – how can and should we respond to a major energy blackout or a major communications failure? In particular how will we manage internal and public facing communications?

  • Planning for a major change in energy policy – what are the critical elements, milestones and actors in preparing for a major new energy programme?

  • What opportunities exist for UK business in the EU’s digital market initiative – and what actions are needed by government and industry players to strengthen the UK’s position?

  • Managing a major backlog - a department at a financial organisation was facing a major backlog of processing claims, staff morale issues and the need to work smarter. A series of team building and problem solving sessions over 6 months included various processes to identify a path to the future, allocate resources and set a timetable of tasks and milestones.

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